Preserva Wood, Architect Series, and Colour Crete are available premixed in a variety of colors. Hover over the color you like and watch the landscape change. Preserva Wood® contains a unique blend of long-lasting ingredients that protect and condition wood, new and old. By combining natural organic oils and resins with other high quality protective ingredients, the result is an easy to apply wood finish that simply lasts longer than other products on the market today.Preserva Wood protects wood against the earth’s natural degradation by reducing warping, shrinking, cracking, and discoloration. It also provides water-repellence and ultra-violet screens, including Trans oxide pigments which reflect sunlight and enhance the natural beauty and color of wood, while providing the best possible UV protection

Environmentally safe, Preserva Wood meets the most stringent environmental regulations in the U.S. and Canada.

All colors shown on this Web site are displayed as accurately as possible. Prior to starting your own project, we highly suggest trying your selected color on a small area of the wood to be stained, allowing the test area to dry for 24 hours (the color will change from wet to dry). Please note that colors will vary depending on your species of wood and its porosity. Also do not use clear finishes when color retention is of primary concern, as clear finish is for use over previously stained surfaces or when natural color change is desired.