The Best Protection Possible. Naturally!

architect_series_pVery few exterior wood stains offer the beautiful and long-lasting protection of Preserva Wood®. Now, our new Preserva Wood® Architect Series takes it to a whole new level, utilizing a special blend of natural oils to offer superior durability, color retention, and moisture protection. This ‘high-end’ semi-transparent stain contains an enhanced pigment package that results in deeper colors and longer lasting protection.

The unique formula of our Preserva Wood® Architect Series is fortified with an alkyd resin as well as an enhanced biocide package, which provides superior protection for our product. It brings out the natural beauty of wood while protecting against harsh elements that can fade and damage exposed wood surfaces. And it’s specifically designed for wood-sided and log homes.

Unlike many other products on the market today that only touch the surface, Preserva Wood® Architect Series contains ingredients that get to the heart of the matter and addressing all of the problems associated with exposing wood to weather and sun. Available in 5 gallon and 1 gallon sizes, in a variety of colors.

Keeps Wood Looking Good

  • Our Preserva Wood® Architect Series contains the highest quality reflective pigments to keep your wood looking like new with long lasting color.
  • This enhanced pigment package is your best defense against ultra violet light.
  • Its high solids formula penetrates deep into the surface to strengthen and dimensionally stabilize your wood.

It’s Like Wrinkle Remover for Wood

  • Preserva Wood® Architect Series offers more ‘hide’ capability than a transparent stain.
  • It’s an excellent choice for older woods that have been damaged or faded, as well as new construction and pre-staining applications.
  • Preserva Wood® Architect Series stains are easy to apply and give a beautiful mid-hide with long-lasting color protection.